Another Side of Serena

by Paul Knepper We’ve seen many different sides to tennis great Serena Williams: exulted champion, sore loser, controversial superstar, celebrity fashionista, sarcastic diva, feisty competitor and devoted sister, to name a few. But we’d never seen the vulnerable woman beneath it all, until her first round victory over Aravane Rezai of France on Centre CourtContinue reading “Another Side of Serena”

The Greatest Show in Sports

by Paul Knepper Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal doesn’t have the pageantry of the Super Bowl, the tradition of Michigan vs. Ohio State or the rancor of Red Sox –¬†Yankees; what makes their matches so spectacular is the quality of play. Theirs is a rivalry built on brilliance and artistry, desire and power, spins andContinue reading “The Greatest Show in Sports”