Government Dropped the Ball On Steroids

In 2005, the House Government Reform Committee conducted a public hearing regarding the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball (MLB). Yesterday, a trial against former MLB star Roger Clemens based on his alleged perjury during that hearing ended in a mistrial, just a few months after a mistrial inContinue reading “Government Dropped the Ball On Steroids”

Andy Pettitte – The Tipping Point

By Paul Knepper Andy Pettitte was a tremendous competitor. He was a winner. And he was a cheater. Before he even made an official announcement that he’d hung up his pinstripes for the last time, sports journalists began penning their Andy Pettitte tribute pieces. Interestingly, most relegated his use of performance-enhancing drugs to a mereContinue reading “Andy Pettitte – The Tipping Point”