Athletes Who Looked Strangest in New Uniforms

The Peyton Manning saga has finally come to an end (at least until it’s time to see whether he can actually still throw the ball) and the Colts legend will conclude his career as a Denver Bronco. If you find it difficult to picture Manning in a Broncos jersey, you’re not alone. Manning’s the latest in a long line of superstars who became so identified with the teamContinue reading “Athletes Who Looked Strangest in New Uniforms”


Top 20 Quarterbacks to Start a Team With

by Paul Knepper Suspend reality with me for a moment and imagine that you are the owner of a new NFL franchise. You can pick any quarterback to head your team. Who would you choose? Naturally, your first thought is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but this isn’t a one year deal. You’re building a team and must consider bothContinue reading “Top 20 Quarterbacks to Start a Team With”