Jordan and Drexler, Kobe and LeBron: Are Championship Rings Overrated?

Magic’s All-Star Sendoff

It’s NBA All-Star weekend and this year’s festivities in Orlando mark the 20th anniversary of the most inspirational All-Star performance in the league’s history. Just months after being informed that he’d tested HIV positive, Earvin “Magic” Johnson received a rightful sendoff from the league he helped build. On November 7, 1991, Earvin “Magic” Johnson shockedContinue reading “Magic’s All-Star Sendoff”


Ten Greatest NBA Duos

by Paul Knepper Basketball is a team game, though often performed at the highest level when two players work in concert. The pick-and-roll remains the most productive offensive set and no play is more enthralling than an alley-oop. Rarely has a lone superstar carried a team on his back to an NBA championship. Shaq neededContinue reading “Ten Greatest NBA Duos”

50 Most Shocking Moments in Sports

by Paul Knepper Over the past twenty-five years there have been numerous incidents in sports that completely floored us, from an untimely death, to a gruesome injury, to a stunning upset, to the simply bizarre. Many of these moments have become universal experiences, memories shared by sports fans every where. As you head towards theContinue reading “50 Most Shocking Moments in Sports”

Most Influential African-American Athletes

Sports have been a catalyst for social change in this country, especially within the civil rights movement, as African-Americans have battled institutional racism in order to earn equal opportunity and respect in the athletic arena. Through courage and determination, many individual athletes blazed trails for future ballplayers and in the process became heroes and roleContinue reading “Most Influential African-American Athletes”