15 Most Iconic Baseball Photographs

by Paul Knepper In today’s digital age every significant sports moment is tweeted, posted on Facebook and Youtube and replayed on highlight shows for days on end. Yet, there’s something sublime about capturing the essence of a moment in a photograph, especially in the pastoral game of baseball, whose golden years predated television and theContinue reading “15 Most Iconic Baseball Photographs”

Top 20 Sporting Events I Wish I Had Attended

by Paul Knepper Ever see footage or hear a sports fan waxing poetic about a classic sporting event and find yourself wishing you could have been there in person, taking in the sights and sounds, riding the emotions of the crowd? Suspend belief with me for a moment and assume you could travel space andContinue reading “Top 20 Sporting Events I Wish I Had Attended”

50 Most Shocking Moments in Sports

by Paul Knepper Over the past twenty-five years there have been numerous incidents in sports that completely floored us, from an untimely death, to a gruesome injury, to a stunning upset, to the simply bizarre. Many of these moments have become universal experiences, memories shared by sports fans every where. As you head towards theContinue reading “50 Most Shocking Moments in Sports”

Top 25 Things in Sports That Piss Me Off

Call me a curmudgeon, but it seems as if every time I watch a ballgame I develop a new pet peeve. There’s a countless number of things in sports which piss me off.  I intended to make this a top ten list, but it just kept growing. Ultimately, I capped it at the top 25.Continue reading “Top 25 Things in Sports That Piss Me Off”

Top Ten Athletes I Wish I’d Seen in Their Prime

Ever hear your father or grandfather speak in a reverential tone about an athlete from their generation and wish that you could have seen that guy play in his prime? Ever hear a ballplayer you really admire talk about the players he idolized when he was a child, with the same sparkle you have inContinue reading “Top Ten Athletes I Wish I’d Seen in Their Prime”

Ten Athletes That Make You Say “Holy S#%@, That Guy’s Still In the League?!?”

Earlier this week I heard that Garrett Anderson retired and my first thought was “Holy s#%@, that guy’s still in the league?!?” I thought the former Angels outfielder hung up his spikes years ago. So I started thinking of other old-timers most people would be shocked to know are still on a pro roster. LongevityContinue reading “Ten Athletes That Make You Say “Holy S#%@, That Guy’s Still In the League?!?””

20 Most Athletic Families

by Paul Knepper As I watched TNT’s coverage of the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, I was struck by how remarkable it is that two individuals as talented as Cheryl and Reggie Miller grew up in the same house. In fact, countless families have produced more than one professional athlete, whether it be siblings,Continue reading “20 Most Athletic Families”

Most Influential African-American Athletes

Sports have been a catalyst for social change in this country, especially within the civil rights movement, as African-Americans have battled institutional racism in order to earn equal opportunity and respect in the athletic arena. Through courage and determination, many individual athletes blazed trails for future ballplayers and in the process became heroes and roleContinue reading “Most Influential African-American Athletes”

Top Ten Athletes I’d Like to Hear Sing the National Anthem

by Paul Knepper Everybody has heard by now that Christina Aguilera flubbed the words of the national anthem in front of 160 million viewers prior to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. Any time I hear a botched rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event I think of Carl Lewis’s infamous hack jobContinue reading “Top Ten Athletes I’d Like to Hear Sing the National Anthem”