How to Improve NBA All-Star Weekend

I think all basketball fans would agree that NBA all-star weekend has lost some of its luster over the past several years. There are some obvious ways to improve the festivities, like adding incentive for the players to play hard in the all-star game and requiring participation by those selected for the three point shootoutContinue reading “How to Improve NBA All-Star Weekend”


Dealing With DeMarcus

Past the midway point of DeMarcus Cousin’s rookie season, as Dennis Green might say, he is who we thought he was; a superbly talented big man with troubling character issues. Sacramento fined their young power forward an undisclosed amount on Monday after investigating his role in an altercation with teammate Donte Greene following the KingsContinue reading “Dealing With DeMarcus”

Will the Real Joe Dumars Please Stand Up?

By Paul Knepper Joe Dumars was one of the most beloved sports figures in Detroit when the Pistons named him their President of Basketball Operations and General Manager in 2000. During his first several years on the job, the architect of the “Bad Boys” reincarnated became a Motown legend. Now, three years after their lastContinue reading “Will the Real Joe Dumars Please Stand Up?”