A-Rod Reminds Us That Mo Is Just a Man

Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez were considered two of the greatest baseball players of their generation. Both inspired millions of fans with their historic feats on what appeared to be the fast track to Cooperstown. Yet, the juxtaposition of their final days in Pinstripes is startling. Rodriguez signed the richest contract in baseball history afterContinue reading “A-Rod Reminds Us That Mo Is Just a Man”

We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert

Albert Pujols has been the best player in baseball for the better part of the past decade and appeared to be hitting the free agent market at the perfect time this fall. The all-star first baseman just led the Cardinals to their second World Series championship during his tenure in St. Louis, becoming just theContinue reading “We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert”

A Champagne Super-Nova?

by Paul Knepper The Yankees have become as synonymous with October as the leaves changing color and candy corn, but they were no sure bet to make the post-season this year. Coming out of spring training they had major question marks in the rotation. Ace CC Sabathia, unpredictable A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes, an 18-game-winner last season, were penciled into the firstContinue reading “A Champagne Super-Nova?”

Clutching to Clutch

by Paul Knepper A few days ago, members of my fantasy baseball league engaged in a heated discussion over whether there’s such a thing as “clutch” hitting in baseball. It’s been an ongoing debate within baseball circles since the sabermetrics revolution became mainstream in the past 20 years. It’s a fascinating argument, beginning with how toContinue reading “Clutching to Clutch”

Government Dropped the Ball On Steroids

In 2005, the House Government Reform Committee conducted a public hearing regarding the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball (MLB). Yesterday, a trial against former MLB star Roger Clemens based on his alleged perjury during that hearing ended in a mistrial, just a few months after a mistrial inContinue reading “Government Dropped the Ball On Steroids”

Missing the King

When baseball fans think of the great Yankee teams of the late 1990s, players such as Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Paul O’Neill and David Cone quickly come to mind. Yet, it was seldom used backup catcher Jimmy Leyritz who kicked off the dynasty with a memorable blast in Game 4 of the 1996Continue reading “Missing the King”

The Unremarkable Odyssey of Joba (Steve) Chamberlain

by Paul Knepper On August 7, 2007, the Yankees called up 21-year-old flamethrower Joba Chamberlain to fill their desperate need for a set-up man for Mariano Rivera. All the kid did was strike out 34 batters, while allowing just one earned run in 24 innings and help the Yankees recover from a dreadful start ofContinue reading “The Unremarkable Odyssey of Joba (Steve) Chamberlain”

Snakebitten or Just a Snake?

by Paul Knepper The New York Mets have hit rock bottom. Team owner Fred Wilpon is being sued for more than $1 billion by the trustee who’s recovering money obtained fraudulently through Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme. Desperate for an infusion of cash, Wilpon’s been seeking an investor to purchase a minority share of the teamContinue reading “Snakebitten or Just a Snake?”

Rocco and Me

By Paul Knepper Sports fans choose their favorite ballplayers for different reasons. Some root for athletes who play for their favorite teams, grew up near them or attended the same school. Others admire players for their style of play or flare.  Some identify with athletes that exhibit the personal qualities they value in themselves andContinue reading “Rocco and Me”