Brain Damage, Not Domestic Violence Will Hasten the NFL’s Downfall

The past week has been a public relations nightmare for the National Football League (NFL) and its commissioner, Roger Goodell. First, Goodell came under fire from social and mainstream media for his gross mishandling of a domestic violence incident involving former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice after a video surfaced showing Rice knocking hisContinue reading “Brain Damage, Not Domestic Violence Will Hasten the NFL’s Downfall”

The Most Over-Hyped Day in Sports

It’s that time of year again, the holiest of holy days for hardcore football fans, the first day of the NFL Draft. Millions of fanatics around the country have spent the past few weeks reading mock drafts, blog posts and articles in an attempt to figure out which players their team should and will select. Tonight they’ll don their jerseysContinue reading “The Most Over-Hyped Day in Sports”

You’re a Real Man Deion!

In honor of Deion Sanders’ induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this evening, here’s a highlight reel of vintage “Prime Time” from his early years with the Atlanta Falcons. And who can forget this classic confrontation with announcer Tim McCarver…

Is Brandon Marshall the Only Wide Receiver With a Personality Disorder?

by Paul Knepper A week ago, Brandon Marshall was considered just your average egomaniacal wide receiver; self-centered, attention seeking, demanding, aversive to authority and inclined to engage in risky and/or violent activities off the field. On Monday, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver took the courageous step of publicly revealing that he suffers from a serious psychiatricContinue reading “Is Brandon Marshall the Only Wide Receiver With a Personality Disorder?”

A Tale of Two Buckeyes

Ohio State University head football coach Jim Tressel resigned yesterday amid mounting accusations of violations within the Ohio State program and his role in covering them up. During his ten seasons in Columbus, the man known for his trademark red and gray sweater-vests won a remarkable seven Big Ten titles, the 2002 National Championship andContinue reading “A Tale of Two Buckeyes”

Don’t Forget the PCP

The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is set to expire on March 4th and a player lockout is looming. Owners and players are deliberating several key issues, including; an 18 game season, rookie salaries, player safety and retirement and disability benefits. Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), DeMaurice Smith, should beContinue reading “Don’t Forget the PCP”

Curtis Martin is More Than a Hall of Famer

By Paul Knepper Curtis Martin is one of 15 finalists on the ballot for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and should be among those selected this Saturday for induction. As his long time coach Bill Parcells said on Monday, “Running back is a production position, and his production is indisputable.” Martin’s 14,101 career rushingContinue reading “Curtis Martin is More Than a Hall of Famer”

Charles Woodson is a Michigan Man

by Paul Knepper When the University of Michigan fired head football coach Rich Rodriguez a few weeks ago there was a lot of talk about him not being a good fit for Ann Arbor. Boosters and alumni complained he wasn’t a “Michigan Man.” So what exactly is a “Michigan Man?” The term dates back toContinue reading “Charles Woodson is a Michigan Man”