It’s Tournament Time and I Miss My Friend

Some say that basketball is just a game. This is true. However, that game has the power to move people to tears, evoke unbridled joy, bring friends, teammates and even strangers together and create heart-warming memories that last a lifetime. The 2003 championship game of the NCAA Tournament between Syracuse and Kansas left an indelibleContinue reading “It’s Tournament Time and I Miss My Friend”

Kobe’s Slur Wasn’t Enough

by Paul Knepper After being assessed a technical foul during a game against the Spurs Tuesday night Kobe Bryant was caught on camera mouthing “fucking faggot” at referee Bennie Adams. I won’t take the sting out of it by replacing those words with “homophobic slur,” or censoring video of the incident as many news sourcesContinue reading “Kobe’s Slur Wasn’t Enough”

Athlete Endorsements of Wisconsin Workers Ring Hollow

by Paul Knepper For the past few weeks thousands of Wisconsin residents have swarmed the state Capitol in protest of a proposal by Governor Scott Walker which would require public employees to pay more for their health insurance and pensions, and severely diminish their ability to collectively bargain. The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), NationalContinue reading “Athlete Endorsements of Wisconsin Workers Ring Hollow”

How About a Little Separation Between Sport and State?

By Paul Knepper As I watched some girl from Glee sing America the Beautiful before Sunday’s big game, I found myself wondering when exactly the Super Bowl became mistaken for Patriots Day?  Sports are supposed to be a diversion from controversial issues like politics and religion and I’ve grown increasingly disgusted by the way sportingContinue reading “How About a Little Separation Between Sport and State?”