Curtis Martin is More Than a Hall of Famer

By Paul Knepper Curtis Martin is one of 15 finalists on the ballot for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and should be among those selected this Saturday for induction. As his long time coach Bill Parcells said on Monday, “Running back is a production position, and his production is indisputable.” Martin’s 14,101 career rushingContinue reading “Curtis Martin is More Than a Hall of Famer”

Will the Real Joe Dumars Please Stand Up?

By Paul Knepper Joe Dumars was one of the most beloved sports figures in Detroit when the Pistons named him their President of Basketball Operations and General Manager in 2000. During his first several years on the job, the architect of the “Bad Boys” reincarnated became a Motown legend. Now, three years after their lastContinue reading “Will the Real Joe Dumars Please Stand Up?”

Charles Woodson is a Michigan Man

by Paul Knepper When the University of Michigan fired head football coach Rich Rodriguez a few weeks ago there was a lot of talk about him not being a good fit for Ann Arbor. Boosters and alumni complained he wasn’t a “Michigan Man.” So what exactly is a “Michigan Man?” The term dates back toContinue reading “Charles Woodson is a Michigan Man”

Top Ten Point Guards in the NBA

by Paul Knepper The point guard is a general on the floor, responsible for setting the tempo of the game, running the offense and creating shots for himself and his teammates. NBA rules prohibiting handchecking by defenders has placed a premium on point guards who can break down the defense by driving into the paint.Continue reading “Top Ten Point Guards in the NBA”