Podcast…John Beilein at Michigan: A Basketball Revival

Tim Rooney

McFarland Publishers


John Beilein at Michigan: A Basketball Revival: Tim Rooney ...

When John Beilein arrived at University of Michigan in 2007, the once-proud men’s basketball program was adrift after the fallout from a scandal and failing to reach the NCAA Tournament for nine straight seasons. Beilein slowly re-built the program on the foundation of a strong culture, which emphasized teamwork, integrity and discipline.

During his twelve years in Ann Arbor, Beilein became the program’s all-time winningest coach, reached two national championship games, won four Big Ten championships and produced eight NBA first-round draft picks. He left Michigan for the NBA in 2019 as the greatest coach in school history.

In an age of ethical lapses throughout college basketball, Beilein succeeded without a hint of impropriety. As much a teacher as a coach, he consistently identified undervalued recruits, taught them his innovative offensive system and carefully developed them into better players–an approach to the game that drove his unprecedented rise from high school junior varsity coach to head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  In his new book John Beilein at Michigan: A Basketball Revival (McFarland, 2020), Tim Rooney examines his tenure at Michigan in detail for the first time.


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