Clyde Invigorated by Linsanity

The excitement and energy surrounding new Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has reinvigorated Knicks Hall of Famer and broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Clyde has taken his rhymes to twitter and is making appearances on national sports programs to discuss the new phenom, who Frazier’s former teammate and captain Willis Reed said this week reminds him of a young Clyde.

Most notably, Frazier dug deep into his legendary wardrobe this to find the perfect outfits to match the pageantry known as Linsanity. He wasn’t kidding when he tweeted before the Knicks/Lakers showdown at the Garden last Friday night…

“The Knicks and Lakers are in town …my brown and white cow will astound!”

Wednesday night Clyde followed it up with a “more conservative” brown leather jacket for the Knicks matchup with the Sacramento Kings.


2 thoughts on “Clyde Invigorated by Linsanity

  1. I think everything about the Lin story is great….but we have to see how he does when he faces teams for the second time around and they’ve had time to scout him. That’s when we’ll see what he’s made of.

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