Kiper vs. McShay

The NFL draft is underway and that means ESPN’s two prominent draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay will undoubtedly be engaging in heated debates over the next few days. If you’ve ever noticed, they’re never in the same place at the same time. That’s because they would likely tear each others heads off if they ever crossed paths. Every time I see the two arguing over a prospect I wonder what would happen if they ever did throw down.

Kiper is the original draft guru and has fought off countless up-and-comers who’ve attempted to unseat him from the top spot. He’s broader than McShay, probably has at least 30 pounds on the junior analyst and is the feistier of the two. He made his bones by refusing to back down when Colts general manager Chris Polian went on the offensive after Kiper criticized him for not selecting Trent Dilfer in 1994 draft.

McShay is likely quicker than Kiper, 16 years his elder and is probably the more athletic of the two, having played quarterback at the University of Richmond. Don’t underestimate his resiliency either. He’s spurned King Kiper’s attempts at intimidation and has yet to wither in the shadow of the do, like so many before him.


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